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eNova Bus Avignon

Developer: Jérémy PASTOURET & Louise NICOLAS

Tired of always missing your bus ? Living in Avignon or visiting the city for a few days ? Thanks to the eNova Bus application, get information on all your favorite bus rides. From now on you can peacefully stroll to your bus stop... or run like the wind to catch your bus on time !All TCRA bus lines are accessible at all times : during the week, on Friday nights, on Saturdays, on Sundays, on public holidays and school vacation.
How does it work ?
- Pick your bus line by opening the menu, or by clicking directly on the banner on top of your screen.
- Then select your departure and your arrival bus stop. You can do so by opening the menu, or simply by clicking on the bus stops already displayed on your screen.
- The app automatically displays the return ride.
- A countdown shows you the remaining minutes and seconds before the arrival of the next bus.
- The "Traffic Information" feature, accessible via the menu, enables you to get real-time information on roadworks and traffic conditions